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“Four years ago Lucky Oceans used Dave Brewer on his Secret Steel album. A musical rapport between the two Western Australians was established that continues here. The music is a typically eclectic cruise through blues, country, reggae and more, and all the while the harsh Perth sun seems to glint off each note from Brewer’s electric guitar and Oceans’s pedal steel. Both like...Read More

Life of Riley CD Release
Life of Riley CD out now  through Planet Company

"...guitarist of taste and talent..."

-- Bill Moodie - Blues Juke, The R&B Magazine, UK

Dave Brewer: in short

Dave Brewer: in short

For over three decades guitarist Dave Brewer has been the backbone for many of Australia’s most seminal acts (including The Elks, The Dynamic Hepnotics, The Mighty Reapers and the catholics) and has played with some of the most respected musicians on the planet.

Following the 2008 release of his critically acclaimed CD “Life of Riley”, Dave Brewer has now in 2013 released his second album “Night Walkin” which showcases a new set of
original songs.